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Cubadisco is kicking off around May 16th! Great news coming from this is that promoters in the U.S. are hoping that relations between U.S. and Cuba will ease up. This is great new because if Cuba has even a minimal chance, they can push through with the stop of the embargo. Cuba has been under an embargo since 1960. Resulting in the crippling of the economy and everything else that helped out the island.

Well recently Obama has been seeking ways to ease up the tension between Cuban and the U.S. He has already taken off some harsh regulations, including the one where Cubans could not travel to Cuba every year but only every other year. The authorization of Cuban composers to come to the U.S. to tour is underway.

Groups like the Van-Van are hoping to be able to tour in the U.S. over the summer and some other groups have applied for a Visa. This is a great way to be able to get a taste of the Cuban music.

Hopefully all this will go through perfectly.

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