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For some odd reason ( not really) most Cubans can dance! Maybe its because Cuban culture is filled with musical roots. From from Salsa all the way to Reggaeton, Cuba has a very diverse genre of music. The air most nights and weekends are filled with music and life. Although, yes, there are rules about what time you can play your music as loud as you can in the streets, most people like to listen to whatever form of music they have during the day.

There are many famous music authors located in Cuba. One of the most renown that is even famous in the United States was Compay Segundo. His albus was “Buena Vista Social Club” where he was a vocalist and guitarist. This was not originally intended to be a band but just a CD, but due to its popularity it later became a band. The song genres included son cubano, bolero, and guajira. These genres date back to pre-revolutionary period.  Some really catchy tunes include, Chan Chan and Candela. A link will be posted below for more.

There are areas in Cuba such as the capital that have trovas. A trova is a place where musicians come and play their band music. Many people gather around and listen to the music and dance. Where I lived, in Havana, there was one right beside my house. Every month or so at night they would gather up and start playing their music (usually keeping me up). Then I didn’t really think it was a cool thing because, well I was just a little boy trying to get some sleep, but now I understand more about it and appreciate the music. Trovas originated from Santiago de Cuba and Oriente back in the 19th century. Mainly it was “trovaderos”, men who made a living from playing the guitar.

So yeah, music is wonderful and beautiful. It can be found anywhere in the world, but Cuba is where the real stuff is at.  Go out and listen to some Cuban music, watch you’ll like it.